Audio Only How to Generate 10 Transactions in 90 Days, using Your Prospecting Brochure”

In this show Greg walks real estate agents through his best selling manual “How to Generate 10 Transactions in 90 Days, using Your Personal Prospecting Brochure”

This manual walks you through who to send your brochure to each week, what letters to send with it and how to talk about your brochure on Facebook. 

Following the plan laid out in this manual is the fastest way to turn your prospecting brochure into closed transactions. 

“Audio Only” “How to Make the Year Ahead Your Best Year Ever”

Personal Develeopment expert Greg Herder will walk you through a powerful exercise to help you close out the year behind you, learn from both your failures and successes in the past year and then use those insights to create meaningful change in the year ahead. Then you will learn how to create a vission for your life that will motivate you to make the changes you have wanted to make for years. If you have set goals in the past that you did not achieve this is a program that will transform your life.

Audio Only: Is Your Marketing Plan Helping or Hurting You.

Real estate marketing expert Greg Herder teaches you how to evaluate your marketing plan for the year ahead so that you can know if your marketing plan is building your business or costing you money. Learn the three key questions you must be ask about your marketing plan. Learn how to determine the number of people you need to be reaching each and every month to achive your personal objectives. You will also the key pieces of marketing that every serous real estate agent must have in place to build a marketing driven real estate business in todays market place.

“Audio Only” Greg Herder Interviews Top Producing Agent Tony Slowik

This month Greg Herder does an in-depth interview with top producing Realtor Tony Slowik from Sky Realty in Austin Texas. Learn how Tony successfully got his business up and running and how he has been using YouTube video’s and Facebook Ads to lock in his brand and take over a very competitive high-end farm. Learn why he attend s Hobbs/Herder’s 3 Day Marketing Mastery Seminar each and every year and how hi uses what he has learned to keep his business growing. Learn how Tony pays his assistant and the systems he has in place to keep his business running even when he is not there. Grab a pen and get ready to take some notes so that you can use what you learn in this educational yet entertaining interview.

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Watch for Domain Registration Scam for your Real Estate Website

Protect Your Domain/URL! It’s Valuable to You.

Picture 6Every couple of weeks, we get a call from one of our web hosting clients in a panic, saying they received a letter letting them know their real estate website domain was expiring and they are surprised to get a letter from a company they don’t know asking them to renew at exaggerated pricing. Or worse, they get what looks like a scary legal correspondence implying that there is an issue with their domain.

This is a practice called “phishing.” Companies are unscrupulously trying to trick agents into renewing their domain registration through them and leaving their current domain registrar. The scary legal sounding letter scam is typically trying to trick agents into purchasing the .us domain ( version of that URL.

These companies pull information that is generally available on the Web about when domains are expiring and when domains are purchased and by who to determine who to hit with these letters. This blog post is just a warning to be on the watch for them and a recommendation to always check with your Registrar, or the company who is managing your domain before ever contacting or responding to these letters. To all Hobbs/Herder web hosting clients, if you receive one of these letters, please feel free to contact us and we’ll help you determine if it’s a letter from your legitimate registrar, or a scam letter.

Your domain is valuable, you should do everything you can to protect it. Make sure you know who  is managing your domain (if it is not you directly), so that you have up to date contact information on file so you are properly notified when it is going to expire. If it expires, you may not always be able to renew it if it is scooped up by someone else. Then, if you have print materials with that domain, it could be costly to you. Hope this information  helps you out.

How to Win TV’s Cable Cash Game (One of real estate’s most overlooked marketing advantages)

How to Win TV’s Cable Cash Game

One of real estate’s most overlooked marketing advantages is sitting right in your living room.

jayTVOk, if you are like many agents out there, you aren’t entirely satisfied with your production. Many agents are feeling like they are working twice as hard but not feeling real tangible growth. Many agents are worn out scrambling for listings in a tight inventory. Other agents feel that there will be real opportunity in the next 12 to 24 months, but are not sure how best to grab more of that market share. It may be time to cash in with cable TV advertising.

Cable TV is one of the best keep secrets in real estate marketing. In 95% of U.S. markets, you can buy a 30-second cable TV spot on a strong cable program like CNN, Comedy Central, and The Family Channel for under $100 per spot, in some locales, even cheaper. Think about it. The television is the most powerful marketing medium ever invented. It combines sight, sound and motion so that you can bombard a prospect’s senses and create an emotional connection with them. No other advertising or marketing medium even comes close to its power.

Target Marketing

Even more amazing is that in today’s cable TV marketplace, you can buy advertising in a highly targeted group of homes in your area. This ability to buy advertising that reaches a small targeted group of homes is what makes cable TV one of the greatest values to a real estate professional today.
Unfortunately, most agents that do try TV advertising make the same fatal mistakes that lead to failure. They think that they are trying to sell something, like a house or their experience, knowledge or service. So they create commercials that are strong in education and information but fail to reach out a grab prospects emotionally.

Great TV advertising reaches out and touches people emotionally. As a real estate professional, the number one goal of a TV commercial should get people to feel good about you as a person. To help you understand what I am talking about, view the television commercial we created for our longtime client and friend, Jay Cannone:

Secrets to Cashing In
Now let me share with you the secrets that will help you cash in on cable TV. First, you must understand that cable TV works best when you already have solid name recognition in your marketplace. If you have already been sending out direct mail and running print ads, you will find that cable TV will dramatically increase the impact of those activities.

When a prospect sees you on TV and then sees an ad in the newspaper or picks up a piece of direct mail that you have sent out, your print materials produce a much greater response rate than without TV. So, when you start your cable campaign, you cannot stop your other forms of marketing. TV must be added to what you are already doing. For new agents, I recommend that you do not start a TV campaign until you have a traditional marketing campaign already in place.

Establishing a Budget

Next you need to establish a budget. Call your local cable station and ask them for a media kit complete with pricing information. Ideally you would like to run 15 to 25 commercials per month. This should cost you between $600 and $1,500 per month. You might save yourself 10-20% off the cost if you sign up for a six-month contract. A long-term contract is a great idea because you want to have consistency over time.

Next you want to make sure that your commercial grabs your prospect emotionally. It is critical that your TV commercial carry the same graphic theme and style as your direct mail and advertising campaigns so that each different medium reinforces the other. Don’t allow the cable company to talk you into allowing them to do a free commercial for you. I promise you, you will not be happy with the results. It should cost you about $2,000 for a writer to come up with a great story board and script complete with directors’ notes and an additional $3,000 to shoot and edit your 30-second spot. A well done commercial should last two or three years and is worth every penny. Hobbs/Herder can help  you write a script tailored to your branding and marketing message at a great price. View more information.

TV Power Equals Increased Production
The power of TV advertising is that it will amplify the return on investment of everything else that you are doing. Over and over again, we have seen top producing agents double their business over the year before simply adding cable TV into their marketing mix. If you want to break through to the next level of productivity, it’s probably time to cash in with cable TV.

If you think a television commercial will help you get ahead of your competition, contact Aleks Bugarski at 1-800-999-6090, ext. 599 for more information.

Real Estate Agents and Branding: How to Build a Sustainable Business

Tom Smith

Branding. It’s one of those words that most people know and understand (to varying degrees). We  have found over the years that many real estate agents across North America seem to grasp the meaning, but not completely. It can be subtle. We found a good working definition and wanted to share it with you as a starting point for this discussion:

BRANDING: The process involved in creating a unique name and image for a product in the consumer’s mind, mainly through advertising campaigns with a consistent theme. Branding aims to establish a significant and differentiated presence in the market that attracts and retains loyal customers.

In the over 26 years we’ve been training countless agents on Personal Marketing at our training seminars and then creating branded marketing materials for tens of thousands of those agents, we have found varying degrees of understanding of the branding process. The challenge for agents is that in the wake of our quarter century tenure, there have been many companies and individuals who have sprung up and claim to offer branding and marketing campaigns, often at highly discounted prices.

The problem is this. Branding, when done correctly, is an involved process. It is much more than choosing pretty colors, coming up with a clever type treatment and icon for a logo, crafting a pithy slogan and generally, putting together a pleasant graphic look and feel. That is the easy part. Any junior designer with a page layout program and Photoshop can do that. Many are, unfortunately.

That is the problem. Branding, done correctly, involves digging deeper. It is about discovering what it is that makes the particular product (in our case real estate agents) stand apart. What does it stand for, what makes it unique? How will it speak/relate to the intended target market. What is that target market? As professional marketers, we want to determine that agent’s core beliefs, core values, what life experiences have shaped him or her into the person (and business professional) they are today. In essence, our goal is to define that person’s/agent’s story. To coin a phrase, “people like doing business with people they like.” It’s about “owning” a piece of that prospective listing client’s mind so that when they think about real estate, they think about YOU.

We work hard to craft a story that defines the agent. Speaks to others who may be just like him or her. It has to be on an emotional level that resonates with others to truly work its magic. We have developed a personal questionnaire we have refined over the years to help us dig down and find that story. We have perfected the interview process to find the nugget of a story, a belief or an attribute that we can build the brand around.

When you take the time to carefully build and develop and refine a brand, magic happens. Your story resonates with people in your farm. They identify with your beliefs, values or your life experiences. You aren’t JUST ANOTHER REAL ESTATE AGENT.  And if you go back to our working definition of branding, if  you build that brand with CONSISTENCY and quality, you will attract and retain LOYAL clients.

Time and time again, clients tell us that they go on listing appointments and the excited homeowner tells them, “we knew you were going to be our agent when it came time to move.” Through the careful branding process, that emotional bond was created, and sending that message consistently reinforced it. How exciting is that idea of having devoted fans living in your farm who because of your expert branding have already decided you were the agent for them, sometimes years before they make a move?

During the market downturn of the past few years, many of our clients who have diligently put their materials and brand out there have not only sustained business during that downturn, but more importantly, their business is going gangbusters and they are getting listings in a tight inventory over other agents…because they built a brand and a story that resonated deeply, and didn’t just put together pretty colors.

We hope this discussion helps you understand the difference between real branding and desktop publishing design. If you want to do it right, find your story, define your brand and consistently build upon that important foundation.

Are Your Social Media Pages Working for You or Against You?

Don’t Let a Neglected Social Media Page Undo the Goodwill Your Effective Branding Generates Elsewhere

Real Estate Marketing for Priscila Rodrigues

Imagine this scenario for a minute: A homeowner receives your personal brochure. It doesn’t matter how she got it, whether it was mailed to her, she picked it up from a stack or you gave it to her personally. What matters is this – she read through it and she likes what she sees. She feels a connection to you and your story.

It’s a good start. But is it good enough?

You see, in today’s world, there’s so much easily accessible information out there, a homeowner is unlikely to stop his or her research at your brochure. Why not do a quick Google search and check you out on your website, Facebook or Twitter to gather a little more information?

And this is where things can get dicey.

A Google search leads the homeowner to your personal website. Great! Or is it? Does your website convey the same professionalism and branding that was in your brochure? Or does it look like a company-issued template site that either buries your name and branding and gives the company top branding, or does the visitor get confused because it looks exactly like 4 or 5 other sites of agents they’ve been scouting? Does the jarring disconnect affect the visitor’s decision whether or not to work with you? That’s the key question.

Okay, to continue our scenario, the homeowner logs on to your Twitter but then finds a generic looking page that hasn’t been updated for a couple months. If they take the time to find you on Facebook, is your story and branding reinforced or non-existent?

Uh oh.

Hopefully you’re getting the point. Today’s technological world offers a bounty of branding opportunities, which is both a blessing and a curse. It’s a great opportunity for people to discover you and experience your brand. The downside is this: You never know how someone is going to find you, and therefore it is essential that your branding extends to every conceivable platform. Consistency in your branding from direct mail to web to social media is more important than ever.

Back to the scenario we described above, if that homeowner who loved your brochure goes on to find cohesive branding across your website, your Facebook, Twitter, etc., you’re only going to bolster the positive impression made with your brochure. But what about the alternative? If she finds a lackluster, generic-looking website? If she’s underwhelmed by your standard-issue Facebook page? If your Twitter page looks neglected and lacking any inkling of the branding that was so impressive in your brochure? Suddenly you’ve created a disconnect, and there goes the goodwill you built through your brochure. What if you lose that prospect to an agent who took the time to build cohesive branding across the spectrum?

Here’s the moral of the story: You never know where or how a prospect will discover you. You need every marketing venue you appear in to be in lock step with your brochure branding. In this digital age, social media has become too important to not give it your all. The good news is it’s not all that complicated to turn an ordinary looking social media page into something that truly wows prospective clients and extends your brand. Make it a priority that everything you do conveys your own personal brand. If you don’t know where to start or you’re having trouble doing so, give us a call. We can help.

To find out more, email or call 800-999-6090, ext. 599.

How an Investment in Her Career and Focused Niche Marketing Propelled Cecelia De Freitas to Real Estate Stardom

Niche Marketing Real Estate MarketingCecelia De Freitas was stuck. On one side was her office manager, telling her she was making a gigantic mistake. On the other side was her intuition, which told her to persevere and to let the investment she had made in her career play out.

Cecelia, a RE/MAX agent from outside Toronto, hired Hobbs/Herder to create a customized personal marketing campaign. Like many agents, she didn’t have a lot of money to invest in her career, but she had taken a leap of faith after experiencing a Gateway seminar with Greg Herder. She remembers Greg’s words, imploring agents to invest in their careers and focus on a niche market rather than trying to be all things to all people. She agreed that differentiation through branding and powerful niche marketing would ultimately be her keys to success in real estate. But when she launched her campaign and it didn’t immediately rocket her to top producer status, and she was worried. Suddenly, her office manager attempted to drown out Greg’s words with advice of his own:

“You should just stop,” he told Cecelia. “I’m telling you for your own good.”

To her credit, Cecelia didn’t stop. “I had come too far,” she says. “I had too much invested in it to just quit.” And before long, her belief paid off.

Big time.

You see, Cecelia’s campaign allowed her to crack her area’s luxury homes market, specifically an affluent community called Weston Downs. Before long, she had taken several listings and sold two multi-million dollar homes. Better yet, she had proof that her marketing was working. Suddenly Cecelia found herself getting recognized throughout her community as a luxury real estate specialist. “You’re that luxury girl,” people would say. The reputation led to listings. The listings led to sales. The sales led to recognition in the form of an award bestowed upon her for best real estate marketing. She was also featured in the RE/MAX magazine, Flight, sharing advice for how to break into the luxury market.

Cecelia attributes it all to the investment she made back at the Gateway. “Hobbs/Herder really helped me to get me started,” she says. “It was the best thing that ever happened.”

Her manager? Well, he was forced to reconsider his advice. “He apologized,” she says with a laugh.

Get There Faster

Looking back, what Cecelia appreciates most is how her marketing campaign allowed her to, in essence, skip some of the typical “levels” when growing a real estate business. In analyzing her success, it becomes obvious that Cecelia was willing to do several things that most agents shy away from, to their own detriment. First of all, Cecelia invested capital into building a cohesive marketing campaign. Second, she positioned herself as a luxury property specialist without worrying about “losing out on” business from other market segments. Third, she maintained her belief in her approach even when it wasn’t immediately successful. Far too often agents jump from one plan to the next, which never gives any plan a chance to truly flourish.

A lot can be learned those three lessons from Cecelia’s story, especially in today’s real estate sector, with many areas emerging from the extended downturn and actually heating up. Are you making the investments in your career that will position you for success as the market rebounds? Are you willing to stand for something and niche market yourself to increase your appeal? Do you have the conviction to pursue your goals and stick with your plan until you are successful?

If your answer is yes, you’re on the right track. However, if you answered no to any of these three questions and are unsure of where your career is headed, let us help. Give us a call to schedule a free marketing consultation. Call 1-800-999-6090 ext. 599.